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All-Star Quintet IMONOLITH Shares New Quarantine Sessions Video “Dig”

All-star modern metal band IMONOLITH has released the latest in their weekly video series “The Quarantine Sessions”, a playthrough for the track 'Dig' from the debut album "State of Being" unleashed this past March.

Watch the playthrough today via Revolver HERE Vocalist Jon Howard comments on the song and his editing skills: 

“WaaaaaSuuuup!? Jon here. As you may know, our ‘Quarantine Session’ videos are being released every Monday. What you may not know, is each week I gather videos from the guys and use my editing skills to create the playthrough videos myself! I work very hard on these and aim to make them a bit different each time for your viewing pleasure. 

The next quarantine video release is for our song ‘Dig’ from our debut album ’State of Being.' I can’t wait for you guys to see how intense we’ve made this one! ‘Dig’ has a really heavy groove and hits hard, I can’t help but bang my head when this tune comes on! The lyrics can come across pretty harsh, as well. For example, ‘Taste the dirt before you close your eyes.’ Basically, I feel like I’m yelling at someone who is digging their own grave with all the bad choices they’ve made... I am screaming directly into the camera during this video, so it’ll seem like I'm yelling at you? Haha. Whatever it takes to get the vibe across!

Anyways. It was a really fun video to make and it comes across really intense! ‘Dig’ is a heavy hitter and does not let up. Hope you dig it! Cheers.”  Follow Imonolith's quarantine and previous music videos at the following links: YouTube Page

Instagram Page

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