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Artist Highlight - Crown Of Madness

There are so many talented musicians in Vancouver and we wanted to highlight as many of them as we can! We found a hidden waterfall and had a great conversation with Crown Of Madness. 1: Describe your sound for those who haven’t heard you?

Dissonant death metal, with sad vibes and atmosphere. We call it “sad girl death metal”

There’s also a sprinkle of tech death in there.

2: One of your memories of being in the Vancouver music scene?

We had the honour of opening up Truent’s release show back in June. Biggest stage we got to play on this year and it was an absolute blast. Also huge fans of Truent so we were very excited to be playing with them.

3: Who is one of your favourite local bands?

Truent, Atrae Bilis

4: Whats coming up for you?

We’ve got an EP releasing in February 2023. It has a healthy mix of tech death and disso death.

5: Where can people find you? What are your social media links?

You can find us on every streaming platform.

Instagram: @crownofmadness.metal

Facebook: @crownofmadnessmetal

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