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Artist Highlight - Tobacco Brown

There are so many talented musicians in Vancouver and we wanted to highlight as many of them as we can! Everyone get ready to groove to the tunes of Tobacco Brown. 1: Describe your sound for those who haven’t heard you? A psychedelic genre blend of blues, folk and rock with a couple of jazz chords thrown in for good measure. 2: One of your memories of being in the Vancouver music scene? Well, most recently the response from crowds after the lockdowns was amazing. So much energy and joy. It was unreal. The only thing that might compare would be during the 2010 olympics. One all time favourite memory was playing the Rickshaw for the first time. That was huge for me. So much fun. Definitely felt like I was getting somewhere with my music. 3: Who is one of your favourite local bands? Oh jeez. This is tough because I have so many favourites! I have to keep it in the family though and give a shout out to my boys in Moving City. Second place is Leonard and the lab rats. Absolute legends. Double D is the guitarist in that band and he’s one of my favourite guitarists in the city. I love any project he is apart of. Him and Sinéad X Sanders play together and it’s beautiful. Also, Emmet Jerome (Hollywood Alberta) and his band ‘Bad Money.’ Anything he is apart of is magic. 4: Whats coming up for you? I am releasing my greatest hits on Nov. 15th (Yes, I’m that old) I also have a four track EP that is getting pressed on vinyl as we speak. I’m printing 300 copies and they should be ready 2023. Starting work on my new album (The Hitman’s Heart). That will also be ready sometime in 2023. 5: Where can people find you? What are your social media links? You can find me on Instagram @tobaccobrown and also on Facebook under the same name and I usually post my show dates there. Otherwise, just search tobacco brown on your favourite streaming service and I’ll probably turn up. You can email me for CD requests at and I sometimes have merch :) Here is my Spotify:

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