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"At Home" - Dear Father - Album Review

Today's review isn’t going to have the same amount of jokes I usually put into my reviews simply because the EP in question is representing something I truly believe in. The 2 song EP “At Home” by Dear Father is discussing the struggle of mental illness which is something I have had a very long and turbulent battle with. A little about myself, I suffer from depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and drug-induced psychosis. I’ve had ups and downs while battling my brain and it is a fight that simply will not end. When I was approached to write this review the thing that stood out to me the most was that the artist is not making a penny off of these songs. 100% of all proceeds are going to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

That brings me into the first track titled At Home talks about how the struggle of mental health will take you to different places in your life and that things will get better, simply if you try. I love that. Something I have learned over the years is things don’t just improve on their own. Nothing will change if you don’t set it in motion. Things will get better as long as you put in the work for the change to happen. I think that is a beautiful sentiment that not enough people talk about.

The second track is called Nightmare. Another beautiful song about the struggles of the mind. This song rings true to me a lot. At times it truly does feel like a nightmare you can’t escape. Another sentiment that I wish would be discussed more often. I can’t speak for Dear Father or what he experiences in his own personal struggle, but I feel like I can relate. It’s often difficult for me to relate to anyone let alone musicians but the lyrics of these 2 songs inspire me and give me a sense of hope and it’s really a beautiful feeling.

The only critique I have for this EP is that I wish the songs were flipped in order. Maybe that’s just me, as we have established before I am not a professional and don’t know the ins and outs of music production but from a storytelling perspective I think it would’ve been nice to start with talking about how mental illness is a damn nightmare, but it will get better just as long as you try.

You can find the EP on Dear Father’s band camp by following this link here You have the option to name the price and to send it as a gift to someone you think could really use these songs in these trying times. Dear Father’s goal is to raise $1000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association but I believe we can surpass that. I implore you to go check out these songs. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Keller James

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