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Best In Vancouver - Bobbys Cane

The Best In Vancouver competition is back this year, bigger than ever! We went to a haunted record store and talk about the competition.

1: Describe your sound for those who haven’t heard you?

We’ve had someone describe us as Post-Grunge Blues Surf Rock, which definitely doesn’t come out of nowhere but more specifically we have a Rock/Grunge sound. A few bands that influence or show up in our sound would be Nirvana, Jack Johnson, Alice in Chains and The Raconteurs. We have a singer with a powerful rock voice and some hard hitting riffs to back it up.

2: How do you stand out from the other bands in this competition?

Having a visually impaired frontman definitely adds another element. We find it forces us to rely on the feel of the music rather than visual cues which we feel makes us sound more in sync. It’s also a surprise for much of the crowd to find out that Bobby is blind, and learning that makes his singing and playing all the more impressive. Musically, we try not to write the same song twice and as a result, end up with a variety of sounds all while maintaining catchy hard-hitting tunes.

3: Who is one of your favorite local bands?

Killer Deal, they have such a unique sound and we love supporting any bands that are from our hometown especially them being as good as they are.

4: Where can people find you? What are your social media links?

You can hear our two EP’s on streaming sites under Bobby’s Cane, as well as Instagram and Facebook @bobbyscane

5: If you win, which prize are you most excited about?

Getting a chance to record with Danny Craig would be a great opportunity. We are mostly excited about the whole experience, being exposed to those in the industry and hearing constructive feedback on anything we need to improve on.

Check out more details about Best In Vancouver here:

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