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Best In Vancouver - Hannah Harlacher

The Best In Vancouver is a yearly "battle of the bands" styled showcase of amazing local bands in Vancouver. Live Acts is holding its events at Portside Pub this year, so come out and check them out! We spoke with Hannah Harlacher about her thoughts on the event! 1) What sound can people expect to hear when they walk into your performance?

As a group, our sound is a mix of mellow indie pop and folk rock. We've got really talented players who bring some groove and energy to my sweet folky singer-songwriter melodies.

2) What makes you stand out from the other bands in Vancouver?

As a group with different backgrounds and music preferences, we approach writing/playing the songs in unique ways. Not a lot of bands are taking up space in the more subdued indie pop genre - and I think we do it well - in a way that feels familiar and new at the same time. We'll make you move in all the ways.

3) What's one thing you wish you could tell a new fan listening to your music for the first time?

Thanks for listening! Everyone has different tastes, but it's really powerful to create a song that listeners can connect to, in any small shape or form. A lot of my songwriting is an attempt to work through or celebrate a feeling or an experience, and I hope that listeners can enjoy that ride as well, or take something new and positive away from it. And of course please follow me on streaming and socials to stay connected!

4) Where can people find you? Social media links?

I am on most of the streaming and social platforms! Here is a link to my website :

5) Which prize are you most excited for from the Sponsors?

All of the prizes are incredible! The opportunity to have a song produced by a female producer with a background like Emily Ryan really resonates, as well as some tips and tricks from Kristina Lao! Would love to learn from women in the music industry.

Be sure to check them, and many other bands out at The Best In Vancouver going on Thursday and Friday at Portside Pub all month! See details at:

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