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Canadian Music Week is coming up and we had a chance to chat with some of the bands! We hung out with FKB at a roller derby and interviewed them about what they think about Canadian Music Week.

1: Describe your sound for those who haven’t heard you?

We are an Indie Pop band and our music is heavily influenced by The Weeknd, Foster The People, and Portugal The Man. We love modern takes on classic and retro sounds. We try to pull from the excitement of our live shows and give people music that is fun and that they can dance to.

2: What is your favourite part of Canadian Music Week?

Connecting with other musicians and creatives from all over the country. In many ways Canadian Music Week feels like a homecoming for us because there are so many people that we only get to hang out with there since we are always touring and in different places. We have made so many great friends at Canadian Music Week in years past and it is always exciting getting back there for that.

3: Who is one of your favourite local bands?

There are so many that it is always difficult to choose but one group from Edmonton that we have always been inspired by and really enjoy their music is Whale and the Wolf. They are one of the nicest groups of guys and are always so much fun to hang out with and see their shows. We always look forward to their music when it comes out.

4: Whats coming up for you?

We are currently working on new music and have touring plans throughout 2023!

5: Where can people find you? What are your social media links?

People can find us at:

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