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CMW - Monique Angele

Canadian Music Week is coming up and we had a chance to chat with some of the bands! We met Monique during sunset at an enchanted forest and talked about Canadian Music Week.

1: Describe your sound for those who haven’t heard you?

Monique Angele is a unique emerging Canadian/Australian operatic piano pop singer-songwriter. Her music blends both classical and pop elements in a style that exhibits both pianistic finesse and soaring vocals. Her style is similar to artists like Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Evanescence and Queen.

2: What is your favourite part of Canadian Music Week?

One of my favourite memories of being in the Vancouver music scene is when I performed at the Guilt and Company for the first time. It's such a beautiful venue that has an intimate setting where you can really connect with the audience. It's a very special place.

3: Who is one of your favourite local bands?

The Zolas are one of my favourite local Vancouver bands. I've seen them live a few times and they just blow me away everytime. They are so amazing!

4: Whats coming up for you?

I just released my Christmas song "Sing Together on Christmas" in November 2022. I will be releasing new music and also performing more shows in Canada and internationally in 2023. I also plan to record new material in the next year.

5: Where can people find you? What are your social media links?

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