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Lets Hear It - Shman

Music BC is putting on a music extravaganza! We went for coffee with Shman to chat about the event coming THIS SATURDAY!

1: Describe your sound for those who haven’t heard you?

I would describe my sound as fairy-like future bass mixed with the darker experimental type dubstep/bass music. I like the contrast if light sounds with dark ones. 2: What separates you from other artists around Vancouver?

I would say I stand out as both a producer and a vocalist, so those watching me live would be able to experience the DJ aspect as well as the live singing which I think is fairly unique especially in the bass music scene. 3: Who is one of your favourite local bands?

I love local producers such as So Sus, Howley, and Mythm. As well as my pals Play Rough and Kolture. 4: Whats coming up for you? I hope festival season is more busy for me but otherwise I am just at my home making beats

5: Where can people find you? What are your social media links?

I am mostly on Instagram and Tik tok but i also have a twitter. I am ok all streaming platforms but I post extra music on my soundcloud

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