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Like Bears - Fling Mingo

Alright, so I tried to make this a video but due to constant technical difficulties, we decided to do a blog post. I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ve never written a blog before, what do you want from me? This blog post is a dedicated album review for an album a friend of mine made. Does that count as nepotism? Nah, probably not. I would have to first consider myself powerful for that to be nepotism. The album in question is Fling Mingo by Chilliwack legends, the big bad daddies of Chilliwack British Columbia, Like Bears. I honestly love this album, it is so much fun to listen to. So a little background for this band, Like Bears is an alternative punk band from Chilliwack that formed March 9th, 2011. The members of the band are on vocals and rhythm guitar Leo Nickle, on vocals and bass guitar Colin Baird, on lead guitar Ryan Wood, and on drums Ted Kim. As a “proud” resident of Chilliwack BC, it would be wrong for me to leave out that these dudes have done loads for the Chilliwack punk scene and it really wouldn’t be a thing without Leo constantly messaging us to come to the local shows I HAVE STUFF TO DO LEO GET OFF MY BACK! But on to the actual album. This is actually their third release and my personal favorite of the three. I have the first two in my personal CD collection and I’ll listen to Fling Mingo way more than the other two for sure. The best way I can describe this album is, Fling Mingo by Like Bears is the punk album that would fit the best on a summer barbeque playlist. I guarantee if the world wasn’t in a place where we aren’t allowed to go outside and play with our friends, ‘Where’s the Progress’ would be frigging BUMPED wherever burgers be flipped! Can you tell that my mind is quickly slipping? Cause it is. I genuinely really enjoy this album. Listening to these songs like FTE, Baby Beluga, and Just Not Right while smoking a joint in my backyard has been some of the most fun I have had in quarantine. I am truly happy that an album this upbeat and happy sounding is coming out during these hard time. If you want some upbeat punk rock to play while you skank around your living room with your pet dog Rupert, I can’t recommend any album more than Like Bears Fling Mingo. It releases on all streaming sites on April 24th!

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