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My Revolver - William Horning

So I have no expertise in the world of music. I want to make that abundantly clear. I listen to a lot of music and host a youtube show where I hang out and play improv games or cards with musicians but when it comes to knowing music theory or the practices of recording music I’ve got no right to tell you what is good or not. However, Jade seemed to enjoy reading what I said in my last album review and wants me to keep up with it. So my name is Keller James and this is my review of the single “My Revolver” by William Horning.

I am coming into this review totally blind. Personally, I have not met Will or have seen his band Fairly Feral. I also made the conscious decision to drink Kraken and smoke pot before writing this. Once again, I do not know what I’m doing but I will continue doing it for your quarantine entertainment. You can only watch Tiger King so many times while you’re alone, trust me.

I thoroughly enjoy this song. It just sounds so cool to me. I don’t know if you the reader remembers Raven in WCW in the 1990s, but if you do the next thing I say will make like 3x more sense than it does currently. “My Revolver” by William Horning sounds like if Raven was a wrestler in 2020 he would enter to this. That is the level of cool this song sounds to me.

“Oh, Keller but wrestling isn’t cool!”

You’re right, sort of, but Raven was super cool! Like he was Clint Eastwood cool and I genuinely think this song is that kind of cool. And hey! Clint Eastwood is the art that is on the SoundCloud I listened to which you could find here!

But let's get serious for a moment which is something every person close to me believes I’m incapable of. This song sounds fantastic! It took me from a dude in pure ignorance about the artist to someone that wants to listen to a full album of their work! I suggest you do the same. Go and check out “My Revolver” by William Horning.

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