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The Death Of A Era, The Birth of A Scene

Over the last few months, the whole world has come to a standstill. Holding its breath as the future is up in the air. Music festival after music festival has been canceled, live shows have stopped. Recording albums have been put on hold. Music lessons have been canceled. It seems as though during some of the best weather we've had in ages, no one is reaping the benefits. I thank everyone for doing their part and staying inside and helping us control and eliminate this threat. But through social distancing, the music community has had to learn how to create and spread music on their own. Or find new ways to partner and pull together. It's been amazing to see people doing live streams, teaching through skype, band jams through webcams. People who have never streamed before, working hard to learn an entirely new language, new technology, a whole new level of connection. It's inspiring to see new music being created, old tunes being dug up, and new connections that would have never happened, bloom into existence. I, Jade, decided to do a new video series for our Youtube channel expanding our reach. And now here I am, creating a new blog. A new hub to share music, art, and anything Vancouver has to offer, and even some reviews from abroad. Come with me and those who join on our journey!

Photo Credit: Rose Anson

Band: Fear The Wolves

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