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Our Goal Is To Support The Many Vancouver Scenes

Support The Scene is an organization dedicated to bringing light to independent musicians all over the world. We review originals, covers, and gear as well as give tips and tricks to survive in the music industry. We have a YouTube channel where we conduct interviews, show live videos, and feature other exciting content to shine the spotlight on different musicians and organizations. Teamed with our Facebook page and Instagram - we highlight events, news and opportunities to other creative artists and the general public. Our podcast features key people in the Vancouver Music Scene giving their thoughts and advice for other musicians. We are working with various companies and the Vancouver School Board to spread awareness of all ages shows and artistically inspire the youth of today.

Support The Scene also runs two yearly festivals, Fallen Fest and Rock N Roll Pride. We try and support the LGBTQ+ community by showcasing bands whom has ties to both the hard rock/metal/punk/rock communities and the LGBTQ+ community. We pride in showcasing all kinds of talent at our events and will continue pushing the boundaries to bring the best experience to festival goers as move towards a new digital live streaming age.


Support The Scene is proud to be partnered with:

Rekt Chords Magazine: Covering Punk/Rock/Metal in Vancouver for over 2 years. Check them out for weekly lists of upcoming shows, reviews and articles about local music.

Play Music Inc: Local music store offering music lessons, great deals on musical gear and also selling local bands merchandise!

JQ Clothing Ltd.: Your one stop for festival, alternative, and rock and roll clothing! LGBTQ friendly and always open to all walks of life!

Outsyder Radio: Streaming local music on our Youtube channel every Sunday at 2pm. They also stream on their Youtube channel so go check it out!

Suna Studios Inc.: Providing bands a place to practice, grow and connect! Also the hosts of the WHAMMYS awards every year.

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