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Best In Vancouver - Heartset

The Best In Vancouver is a yearly "battle of the bands" styled showcase of amazing local bands in Vancouver. Live Acts is holding its events at Portside Pub this year, so come out and check them out! We spoke with Heartset about their thoughts on the event! 
1) What sound can people expect to hear when they walk into your performance?

Its always hard to put an exact genre on our music. Walking into our performance you can expect to hear our combination of influences. We like to create a cyclone of hard/alternative rock with some splashes of prog indie and even metal.

2) What makes you stand out from the other bands in Vancouver?

Again I think it is our unique blend of genres. We also pull influences from all different decades of rock music as well. We have been grinding for almost 6 years to get our sound tight and ready for shows and we are finally ready to show the world what we got.

3) Whats one thing you wish you could tell a new fan listening to your music for the first time?

If you ever need a wide variety of different rock sounds and vibes we are your guys. We go hard, we go soft, we do it all.

4) Where can people find you? Social media links?

5) Which prize are you most excited for from the Sponsors?

We are most excited for the recording opportunity. After our first album we have been working on some new material that we are very eager to release.

Be sure to check them, and many other bands out at The Best In Vancouver going on Thursday and Friday at Portside Pub all month! See details at:

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