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Best In Vancouver - Self/Care

The Best In Vancouver is a yearly "battle of the bands" styled showcase of amazing local bands in Vancouver. Live Acts is holding its events at Portside Pub this year, so come out and check them out! We spoke with Luvinya about her thoughts on the event! 1) What sound can people expect to hear when they walk into your performance?

They can expect to hear pretty honest and earnest emo/pop-punk with a power pop influence. Our approach is pretty grip-it-and-rip-it, especially when it comes to live performances.

2) What makes you stand out from the other bands in Vancouver?

The thing that makes us stand out in Vancouver is that we still cling to a mid-to-late 90s brand of alternative rock music that was revived and regressed in popularity in the 2010s. There definitely are some dynamite pop-punk and power-pop groups in this city, but the number seems to be dwindling

3) What's one thing you wish you could tell a new fan listening to your music for the first time?

We try to make music that reminds us and encourages others to embrace joy whenever possible. Whenever we write or play we try to echo our happiest moments, and we hope that is transferred to the people we perform for.

4) Where can people find you? Social media links?

Our website, hosts all of our links, music, and upcoming show dates. Alternatively, you can just follow us on Instagram at

5) Which prize are you most excited for from the Sponsors?

The Video EPK package. I think it's a pretty underrated asset to have, especially when pitching promoters, bands, and venues to perform. Anything that could make us look more handsome is always welcomed.

Be sure to check them, and many other bands out at The Best In Vancouver going on Thursday and Friday at Portside Pub all month! See details at:

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