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Best In Vancouver - Introduce Wolves

The Best In Vancouver is a yearly "battle of the bands" styled showcase of amazing local bands in Vancouver. Live Acts is holding its events at Portside Pub this year, so come out and check them out! We spoke with Introduce Wolves about her thoughts on the event! 1) What sound can people expect to hear when they walk into your performance?

We’re an alternative rock band at heart, but with influences from lots of different sub genres such as metal, post-hardcore, post-rock, Brit-pop etc. We use a lot of fuzz pedals and things like that but always try to write catchy hooks to compliment the noise.

2) What makes you stand out from the other bands in Vancouver?

The four of us live in Whistler and are all from different backgrounds, two Australians, one Scouser and an Ontarian.Our influences and experiences are all pretty unique and it comes across in the music. You can hear the impact the Beatles had on our song writing but can also hear the sound of Aussie prog rock bands such as Karnivool and Canadian punk rock bands such as Billy Talent.

3) What's one thing you wish you could tell a new fan listening to your music for the first time?

I’d love it if people knew how much work goes into being in a band from a town that has practically no music scene. To make all this happen we’ve had to think outside the box. We’ve practiced in shipping containers, garages and warehouses. We recorded our first ep in our friend’s office and up until recently there were no music venues in Whistler that were suitable for a rock show. Resilience is a big part of our message.

4) Where can people find you? Social media links?

5) Which prize are you most excited for from the Sponsors?

We’re really excited about the possibility of recording a song with Matt Roach. We’ve recorded two EPs with his girlfriend Emily, who we love working with, at Raincity Recorders and he’s always come by to say hey. He even has some guest vocals on one of our recordings! We’re big fans of the work that he’s done with Sleep Circle and we’re certain he would help us bring out the best in our new music.

Be sure to check them, and many other bands out at The Best In Vancouver going on Thursday and Friday at Portside Pub all month! See details at:

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