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Best In Vancouver - The Lunchtime Band

The Best In Vancouver competition is back this year, bigger than ever! We grabbed some Magic The Gathering Cards and chatted with The Lunchtime Band about their thoughts on the competition. 1: Describe your sound for those who haven’t heard you? The sound question has always been very hard for us, the growth from the first EP to now is so drastic and influenced in so many ways. I like to say "we're a rock band" when people ask, and then usually explain how Michael and Ruedi are heavily influenced by Prog Rock and Math Rock from the 70s and 80s, which gives us plenty of movement and changes through songs, Luc grew up on punk music and screaming in his basement which gives us the energy, and Greg used to be a jazz drummer for a few years which is paramount for staying in the groove.

2: How do you stand out from the other bands in this competition?
 We stand out from other bands in this competition by the sheer amount of diversity in our music. We can form 30 minutes of hard, high energy music, we can perform casually in a lounge with the more rock ballad type songs, we have blown the roof off warehouses and 2nd floor venues alike, we have songs that range from 2.5 - 12 minutes and they are only getting longer. No one does what we do, or at least no one does it as well, if I say so myself. 3: Who is one of your favorite local bands? One of our favourite bands is Uncle Strut! Those guys have been so nice to use since we met them, amazing energy, catchy tracks and a real presence on stage. So much fun to watch, I wish those guys all the best and hope they get more festival opportunities next year, they really deserve it. Rahaelmusic (solo artist) - we performed with her in one the Sofar Sounds concerts in Vancouver recently and we absolutely love her lyricism 4: Where can people find you? What are your social media links? Social media is Lunchtime<dot>Band. Most active on Instagram, as most of the kids are, and our Spotify is The Lunchtime Band. Our new single "Hitchhiking" out now!

5: Which prize are you most excited about? I think the thing we're most excited about is being able to showcase our music for a broader audience. Of course, the recording prizes and photoshoot and huge boons and we would be extremely happy to be considered for something like that; but ultimately, performing with different groups is such a benefit to see new talent and to be seen, and we really appreciate that. That being said, we do have eight tracks ready to be put down over the next 16 months, so fingers crossed for that.

Check out more details about Best In Vancouver here: Live Acts Canada | Facebook

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