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Bullys Bash - The Bifurcated

Bullys in New West has been a godsend for the music scene in Vancouver. Putting on show after show with new and upcoming bands as well as sold-out bangers. They put on a two-day Canada Day bash and it was filled with awesome bands! We went and got our fortunes read with Bifurcated and chatted about their performance and their thoughts around the scene. 1) What sound can people expect to hear when they walk into your performance? What sound or what sounds? Lol we're a fusion of industrial techno and thrash laden with laser beams, movie samples, and anomolies in the space time continuum.

2) What is one of your favorite memories at Bullys? Every memory at bullys is legendary. Ok ok, obviously our E.P release this past March was amazing, no light escapes was pretty awesome… this one time some crazy guy was tripping on mushrooms during a winterfest fundraiser, so that was interesting.

3) What's one thing you wish you could tell a new fan listening to your music for the first time? This is a hard question. It's ok to be different, difference causes change, and change is good no matter if it's in yourself, your community, or the country you live in.

4) Where can people find you? Social media links?

People can find out links, social media, and on our profile at

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