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Introduce Wolves

Introduce Wolves released a two-song EP in March 2020, the band consists of Rory Malkin, Liam McCook and Scott Barrow. The opening track “The Rats Year” reminds of a throwback 90s track with a hint of Muse, Jimmy Eat World with a bit of Tool. The drums and bass are super tight, really allowing for that radio-ready track sound. The guitar is placed nicely in the mix, adding dynamics, flavor, and keeping up the energy. The bridge part of this song is one of my favorites as it builds the tension perfectly.

The second track “Way Of The Ninja” has a little rage against the machine/stone temple pilot feel and vibe. The bass is thick and crunchy and the guitar sits perfectly over adding texture and flavor. At times it sounds like a 3 piece band but at times it sounds thicker and with multiple guitar layers which always make me concerned for a 3 piece band just in the way of playing it live, either the guitarist goes with the lead lines or sticks with the rhythm, either way, it will sound emptier than the recordings.

The songwriting and structure of both songs are solid. The mixing of the album is tight and has a nice modern flair to it. But with both songs, it comes down to the vocals where I have the most issues with things. Sounding very Smashing Pumpkin’s he has a kinda throwaway rock voice that has a little bit of edge but mostly uses the nasally sound of his voice to cut threw the mix. The vocals are at a good level during both songs and the harmonies and backing vocals are great at adding what they need. But it boils down to just I can’t understand what the lead singer is singing. It almost sounds like he has a slur or is mumbling some of the words. I wish it had more definition and punch so that I could really grasp the lyrics. Also, there’s not a ton of power in the vocals. It sounds like it's coming from more the chest instead of the diaphragm. Also a trend with lots of indie records, the vocals are ever so slightly wavering in pitch. Especially in the long-held out choruses, you can notice the wavering tendency. Mixed with the harmonies and the backing vocals it's covered a bit but it just doesn’t sound as tight as a Muse/Tool/ or any modern band’s sound.

A nice-sounding record and really cool ideas. I can’t wait to see the band evolve and grow!

Check out the two-song EP HERE:

And their Facebook page here:

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